AMSudSat Paraguay

The large watersheds of South America, the Amazon and Paraná, play an important role in controlling the world's climate and maintaining biodiversity. AMSudSAT aims to monitor and forecast water flows with change analysis, extreme event monitoring and dam management. A software platform will provide decision support services for local stakeholders.

Study of South American watersheds and their impact on global climate change

The AMSudSAT project aims to produce a monitoring of the quantity and quality of water in the Amazon basin at the disposal of the Brazilian water agency ANA, with a real decision-making tool to observe and evaluate the water resource in the basin.

The project also involve Paraguay, to identify a work plan for the Paraná river basin and the transfer of the methodology and hydrological modelling tools as a starting point. Moreover, as 100% of Paraguay's electricity production is generated by the Itaipu dam, the country needs to know how much water is stored in neighboring countries: AMSudSat will propose indicators for monitoring hydroelectric dam.

=> See the main page of the project, AMSudSat Amazonia


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