Band-SOS Amazon Delta

Experimented on the Amazon Delta, BanD-SOS aims to establish a pre-operational service for flood forecasting and associated societal risk. This service will provide a real-time forecast of the flood hazard, resulting from the conjunction of river floods and ocean tides, and a coupling of this forecast with a mapping of the vulnerability of exposed populations.

As floods are a result of factors specific to each region, the Band-SOS service focuses on two large deltas with different problems. First, it is tested in the Bengal Delta (Asian continent), exposed to increased cyclonic episodes. Secondly, the method is tested in the Amazon Delta (South America), which is not subject to cyclones but to river flooding intensified by ocean tides that are particularly strong at these latitudes.

=> See the main page of the project Band-SOS Bengal Delta

See the prototype (operational since November 2022) of the BandSOS platform in the Bengal Delta: //

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