Here you will find quick access to the main data sources and satellite products as well as to all the resources available on the SCO website.

Access to satellite data and products

Documentation SCO

Documentation SCO
Charter on the establishment of the Space for Climate Observatory (SCO)

See the Charter on the establishment of the Space for Climate Observatory (SCO)

Defining the scope, activities and governance of the SCO, the founding charter came into force on 1 September 2022.

The Charter for the functioning of the SCO in France

Open the SCO Charter in France (in French)

This document details the organisation and functioning of the SCO in France, with the list of members of the Inter-Organisational Committee.

Guide to SCO projects in France

See the Guide to SCO projects in France (in French)

Find out all about the SCO label, the mandatory and desirable criteria for projects, the formation of consortia, etc.

SCO Valuation Guide

See the SCO Valuation Guide (in French)

As each labelled project undertakes to valorise all or part of its elements so that they benefit as many people as possible, this document proposes different examples of valorisation according to the type of project.

Graphic resources
  • Pictograms of the SCO project themes and parameters (pdf document)
  • QR Code EN leading to the homepage in English (png document)
  • QR Code FR leading to the homepage in French (png document)

Projets Labellisés

Projets Labellisés
SCO Portfolio

The SCO Portfolio is a printable pdf document containing the identity sheet of all SCO labelled projects. Available on request, the paper version includes a directory of project teams.

SCO Portfolio 2020-2021

Request a paper version (14 x 21 cm)

Appel à Projets

The SCO France & Europe Call for Projects 2023 is open from 1 September to 15 November 2022.

-> Read the official announcement

-> Register for an information webinar (13/09/2022 and 13/10/2022)

Appel à Projets
The call for projects 2023 France & Europe

The full text of the France & Europe Call for Projects.

The project form to apply

Document to be returned by 15 November 2022 at the latest.

FAQ Call for SCO projects

Nature of the projects, constitution of the consortium, funding... This FAQ compiles all the questions and answers exchanged during the information webinars organised for each call for projects.

-> Consult the FAQ


Rendez-vous SCO

Scientists, territories, space agencies, data centres, private companies, associations... The SCO brings together an unprecedented community that it animates through various events.

Rendez-vous SCO
SCO France Quaterly Meetings

Inaugurated in June 2021, the quarterly meetings of the SCO France are a dynamic and regular meeting to increase synergy between projects. During these virtual and thematic meetings, the project teams share their progress and feedback for the benefit of the SCO community. Each presentation is recorded and put online, choose your theme!

-> See the list of all quarterly meetings


The SCO One-to-ones

Almost every month, the SCO gives the floor to one of its members through a personal interview.

-> See the list of all SCO interviews and one-to-ones