Facing the mean sea level rise and extreme events, the LITTOSCOPE solution identifies future coastal flooding hazards and assess the related socio-economic risks using satellite data (high-resolution stereo-imagery, altimetry).

Project completed

Thought since 2019, LITTOSCOPE is born from the desire to reduce the vulnerability of coastal cities due to mean sea level rise, and especially against coastal flooding. The team is now proud to present a functional solution, able to estimate the flooding risks on any coast: at France’s scale and more.

Simul avec tempete Simul sans tempete

Mapping of flooded areas around Gâvres in 2030, 2050, 270, and 2100, based on GIEC RCP 8.5 predictions ; with (left) and without (right) the modeling of a decadal storm. © CLS

To consult the whole presentation and access the resources, see the main page of the project LITTOSCOPE Palavas-les-Flots - Greater Montpellier Area


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