"Coping with natural disasters", soon the 12th SCO France Quarterly Meeting

Published on 05/02/2024
Fires, cyclones, mud, rain, snow, wind... Whatever their form, nature's wrath is intensifying. On Thursday 14 March 2023, tune in to the twelfth "SCO France Quarterly Meeting" to find out about three SCOlutions using satellite data to protect against destructive phenomena.

The main international institutions are unanimous: everywhere on Earth, the intensity and frequency of natural disasters will continue to increase as a result of climate change. While we may not be able to counter these extreme events, satellites can help us to understand and anticipate some of them.

On Thursday 14 March 2024 from 10.30 am to 12 noon, take part in the twelfth Quarterly Meeting of Space for Climate Observatory and discover three SCOlutions that use space data to be more resilient in the face of forest fires, landslides and cyclones.

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The day's programme

  • ALEOFEU: Under the impact of climate change, the worsening of the natural context and the rapid evolution of the stakes exposed, the risk of forest fires is progressing rapidly in the Aude. ALEOFEU should help to identify ways of improving existing tools and models, such as a hazard that can be updated annually and a better assessment of the water status of vegetation.
  • GeoHaTACC: This project aims to detect and inventory hydro-geological hazards in tropical environments and to document the consequences of climate change on these hazards. An operational toolbox combining a variety of information sources, the demonstrator is being implemented in Rwanda, an African country particularly affected by these events, with a view to its eventual transfer to other regions.
  • CIMOPOLEE: The consequences of climate change can already be measured in terms of tropical cyclones, whose power and area of influence increase as ocean temperatures rise. The Cimopolée project aims to better quantify and monitor the impact of these events in the south-west Indian Ocean through operational processing based on data from the Sentinel-1 and 2 satellites.


🔎To find out more: natural disasters can lead to other disasters of an industrial nature in their wake. Find out how this alchemy of risks is dealt with in France in our One-to-one with INERIS.



Since June 2021, the SCO France organizes these regular Quarterly Meetings to bring the community together and enable each project to showcase its progress, inspire others and create synergies.

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