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  • One-to-one with the UNDP

    Through its activities, the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) – the United Nations’ main agency for development – helps to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in some 170 countries and territories. With shared values and ambitions, it is an enthusiastic member of the SCO, both as a user and a partner. Bertrand Frot, Deputy CIO of UNDP, tells us some "local stories" which, aided by the SCO, may benefit millions of people.

  • SCO France tops up with new projects

    In the first national application of the SCO, the French branch office presents a portfolio of 35 projects! Demonstrating remarkable mobilisation, the members of the CIO (Inter-Organisation Committee) met for the fourth time on 16 March 2021. On the agenda: a review of the international situation, a close-up of 2021 projects and the labelling method, creation of working groups and new meetings. Read on.

  • Gabon in the starting blocks

    "In a changing world, we are subjected to the forces of nature but the causes are human. How can we leave a better world for our children? When we see how COVID 19 is dictating our lives today, let's make sure that the same thing doesn't happen with climate change." With these words of warning and his proactive approach, Aboubakar Ndjoungui Mambimba, Deputy Director General of the Gabonese Space Agency AGEOS, is the dynamic force leading the creation of SCO (Space Climate Observatory) Gabon and its first project to preserve the mangroves. We met him to find out more.

  • ESA joins with SCO to host webinar

    ESA has joined with SCO to host a community webinar on 23 April 2021 to share progress in the development of tools that use Earth observations towards climate-smart decision making.

  • The Dual SAC Effect

    Owing to the success of the first international call for projects, the SCO has decided to set up acceleration committees or SACs, SCO Acceleration Committees. The goal is to create a link between local stakeholders for the most promising projects, to begin writing the history of the national SCOs.

  • One-to-one with CEREMA

    With its presence right at the heart of the French territories, Cerema boasts far-reaching knowledge of the history of local issues and contexts. Cerema’s cross-cutting, multidisciplinary expertise means that it is well-positioned to support public policy and is regarded as an essential contributor to SCO France's mission. According to Luc Mathis, Deputy Director - Chief Digital Officer at Cerema, France is creating a momentum via the SCO that will rise to the challenges of tomorrow: sharing operational methods and solutions internationally, for all territories.

  • Focus on FLAude

    At the meteorological crossroads of three climate systems (oceanic, Mediterranean and continental), Aude is particularly exposed to extreme rain events. Take for example 2018, when the Department received three months of rain in several hours. In 2020, even though the extreme rain fell in the neighbouring Departments of Pyrénées Orientales and Ariège, massive amounts of water flowed downstream into the Aude region... This is the area where SCO France is experimenting with the FLAude project, with the aim of reducing vulnerability to flooding. Since the regions of France are at the core of the SCO approach, the onus must be on listening to them to identify their requirements and determine what indicators would be useful for them. On the agenda of the project consortium meeting for the 26th of January 2021.

  • 5th Steering Committee meeting: certification and International Charter

    On Friday 29 January, the members of SCO International met virtually to hold their 5th Steering Committee meeting, chaired by the Chinese Space Agency CNSA. While the development of the SCO Charter quite rightly took up much of the session, all were awaiting the results of the international and French calls for projects. This exercise appears essential, not only for the rapid implementation of tools to combat the impacts of climate change, but also for the effective structuring of the SCO.

  • One-to-one with Météo-France

    When we think of climate, we think of Météo-France. It is therefore natural, obvious even, that this historic institute should be at the heart of SCO France. Jean-Michel Soubeyroux, Deputy Director of Climatology and Climate Services, sheds some light on the motivations, contributions and expectations of Météo-France with regard to the Space Climate Observatory.

  • A One Planet Summit for Biodiversity

    Revive green diplomacy: this was France's objective in organising the 4th One Planet Summit at the Élysée Palace on Monday, 11 January 2021, in cooperation with the United Nations and the World Bank. SCO was present at the Summit, which was attended in person or virtually by representatives of a large number of countries and international organisations.