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  • BandSOS launches the prototype of its coastal flood prediction platform

    The Bengal delta is the largest in the world. Very densely populated and at very low altitude, no less than 3 million people live there with the risk of tidal flooding, which increases tenfold in the event of a cyclone. Delivered at the end of 2022, the preliminary platform is already producing routine forecasts, even though the project is only a third of the way through its development!

  • The 2022 outcome opens up good prospects for 2023

    Between the founding Charter, the delivery of operational tools and demonstrators, 2022 is confirmed as a shift year for the SCO. There is no doubt that 2023 will follow in this footsteps, to accelerate solutions for mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate change for the benefit of all.

  • In Varaire, we don't talk about the Global Goals, we live them

    Only 8 cities have been selected. After New York, London, Bristol, Bogota, Freetown, Sydney and Cannes, here is Varaire, a small rural village in Lot (France), which closes an international exhibition on the SDGs! Who would have thought it? The UN. And, a fortiori, the SCO. To start the year gently, here is not a Christmas tale, but a beautiful real story.

  • 34 SCO members at the end of 2022

    Entered into force on September 1st 2022 and co-written by the members who had signed the declaration of interest in 2019, the founding Charter of the SCO already federates 34 members at the end of 2022. Back to the pictures of the signatures!

  • SCO in the Pacific & Indian Oceans

    The Pacific Ocean and its Indian neighbor are home to territories that are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. On Tuesday, December 6th, 2022, during the seventh "SCO France Quarterly meeting", three projects presented their methods to address local challenges using satellite data.

  • SCOlutions to Sustainable Development Goals - #5, SDG17

    To conclude our series on Sustainable Development Goals, we turn to the 17th and final SDG, which is at the heart of SCO philosophy: partnerships to achieve the goals.

  • SCOLive: the app is on the stores

    Citizen project at the heart of heritage, economic and climatic issues in the Grasse region, SCOLive creates a climate observatory through the observation of olive trees. Discover the interview of the project leader and, if you have olive trees in your area, download the app!

  • SCOlutions to Sustainable Development Goals - #4, SDG6

    The fourth part of our series on Sustainable Development Goals focuses on SCOlutions to SDG6 to preserve water resources, both in terms of quality and to ensure their sound and sustainable management.

  • Arbocarto-V2 : Aedes take care!

    In September 2022, France experienced its first dengue epidemic. The fault of one of the most dangerous predators of man: the Aedes mosquito. Thanks to the SCO label, Annelise Tran and Marie Demarchi, co-leaders of the Arbocarto-V2 project, have transformed their research into an operational tool for anticipating epidemics caused by the dangerous little beast. Meeting.

  • One-to-One with AFD

    The French Development Agency (AFD), funder for climate change, is involved in the SCO at national and international levels. As highlighted by the Deputy Director General, Bertrand Walckenaer, "satellite data opens up numerous development prospects for the countries in which we invest, and the SCO is a collective tool for implementing them”.