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  • MEO-Climate: mid-term update

    With crops at risk and farmers worried, the lack of irrigation water becomes particularly acute in hot periods. To manage water resources while adapting to new agricultural practices, rural actors need decision support and monitoring tools, such as those of the MEO-Climate project. The mid-term review confirms that the tool will be delivered in 2022.

  • 5th SCO France meeting: mid-year update

    Supporting 36 of the 43 labeled projects, SCO France now attracts an ecosystem of about 110 French institutions and 30 private companies. The members of the Inter-Organizational Committee (CIO) met on July 2, 2021 to take stock at mid-year, prepare for the new school year, and more generally to discuss successes and obstacles.

  • One-to-one with IRD

    The increase in global warming should lead to the emergence of unprecedented climatic conditions in the intertropical zone, with notable impacts on economic growth and populations. However, there is a French organization that specializes in the "countries of the South": the IRD, Institute of Research for Development, which finds in the SCO the values inscribed in its DNA. Interview with Céline Mari, Director of the scientific department DISCO (Internal Dynamics and Continental Surfaces) of the IRD.

  • Focus on the SCO France 1st Quarterly

    On Tuesday, June 1st, the SCO France inaugurated its Quarterly, a dynamic and regular meeting to increase the synergy between projects and their actors. Here is a review of this first session, held in virtual format.

  • 4 new projects awarded the SCO International label

    In February 2021, the SCO International Labeling Committee had placed some projects "in the balance", asking the candidates concerned to mature their proposals. In early June, four of these projects were awarded the SCO label.

  • SCO Gabon: 1st workshop of implementation

    As announced in March, AGEOS is making every effort to implement the SCO Gabon as soon as possible. On May 18, 2021, the first national workshop for the implementation of the SCO Gabon was held in Libreville, in the auditorium of the Ministry of Water and Forests.

  • EducSCO to educate tomorrow's citizens

    Our future depends on our immediate reaction and on the actions of our future citizens, our children. In order to make them aware of climate change and the importance of changing our lifestyles, the EducSCO project addresses those who form them day after day: the teachers. Let's get to know this project better through the first training session.

  • ClimHealth step 1: demonstrator is online

    When a system works well, no need to reinvent the wheel, it is better to improve it. This is the challenge of the ClimHealth project, an environmental satellite information module that will be implemented on the DHIS2 global health monitoring system to analyze disease dynamics and develop early warning. Demonstration on leptospirosis in Yangon, Myanmar.

  • Freeze frame: the French Grand Ouest seen from the ISS

    Astronauts are in the best position to see how beautiful but fragile our Earth is. This superb view of the French territory, with Brittany region in the foreground, posted on Saturday, May 1, 2021 by Thomas Pesquet, is an example.

  • One-to-one with BRGM

    The word "earth" refers to our planet, its soil and subsoil, not to mention the fluids it contains. BRGM has developed a wealth of knowledge and skills that it shares within SCO France. Let's discover how this institution uses spatial data with Gilles Grandjean, Director of the scientific program on natural hazards and territorial resilience at BRGM.