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  • Thermocity, a pioneer in satellite thermal data for cities

    Given that 55% of the world's population is currently considered to be urban and that this figure is set to rise even further, limiting urban temperatures is becoming an absolutely major challenge. While a number of SCO projects are looking at this urban issue, one in particular stands out for having laid the foundations for exploiting thermal spatial data: Thermocity.

  • 3 educational videos to explain to young people the impact of climate change and SCOlutions

    Explaining the impact of climate change to young people is no easy task. Through the tools it has developed and the EducSCO educational project, the SCO helps teachers to tackle the subject with solutions. It is now publishing three short videos in which SCO project leaders answer questions from pupils from various schools in Occitania region (South of France).

  • "Water: between stress and risk", take part in the 10th Quarterly Meeting of the SCO France

    An essential ingredient for life on Earth, freshwater resources are becoming increasingly scarce as a result of climate and human pressures. On Friday 29 September 2023, tune in to the tenth "SCO France Quarterly Meeting" to discover three SCOlutions using satellite data to monitor water resources.

  • SCO Call for projects 2024

    The Space for Climate Observatory (SCO) is thrilled to announce its latest Call for Projects, inviting research teams, companies and end users to submit projects so to keep on transforming the landscape of climate action. This is your chance to be part of a global movement that leverages the power of Earth Observation data to develop operational tools addressing the urgent challenges of climate change and create a powerful combination with valuable in situ data.

  • BioEOS, a project for coastal biodiversity

    34 connected participants from France and Oceania: it's rare for a project kick-off meeting at the SCO to be so well attended. With 12 partners involved, the BioEOS project looks set to be an ambitious one, and is sure to be talked about. Find out more.

  • Cartovege exploits the complementary nature of drone and satellite data

    Is using a drone as effective as it is attractive? For the Cartovege project, which tried its hand at it in order to improve the reliability of its habitat mapping model in the French Southern Territories, the results have been excellent. Let's take a look behind the scenes with Diane Espel.

  • 2nd SCO France Congress: "We have solutions"

    The second SCO France Congress opened in Paris on Tuesday 30 May 2023. With high-level presentations, round-table discussions and demonstrations of operational services, the event highlighted the fundamental way of working that makes the SCO a key alliance in the fight against climate change.

  • OpHySE delivers its platform for real-time hydrological monitoring of Guyanese rivers

    Awarded the SCO label in March 2021, the OpHySE project has delivered its operational space hydrology demonstrator. Implemented in the catchment areas of French Guiana and transferable to other catchment areas, the tool provides real-time monitoring of river flow, with an alert function and short-term forecasts.

  • 9th SCO France meeting

    Coastal erosion is one of the most visible impacts of climate change, nibbling away at every coastline, sometimes with its teeth. So, for its second committee meeting of the year, SCO France travelled to Normandy, hosted by Cerema Normandie Centre. Here's a look back at a day of exchanges and discoveries, including a remarkable demonstration of the risk of flooding using augmented reality.

  • The SCO serving agricultural practices

    The impacts of climate change are having a particular impact on agriculture, which is having to transform its practices to adapt. What solutions can satellite data provide to help players the sector make the right choices? Demonstrations of four projects at the ninth SCO France Quaterly meeting.