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  • SCO Valuation Guide

    More than just a nice word, at the SCO, valorization embodies an inescapable approach, to which all the holders of the label are committed. But what exactly does it involve? To get you started, the SCO France has put together its Valuation Guide. Discover it.

  • Remote epidemiological monitoring

    The current health crisis reminds us and proves how much human health is linked to the environment. On Thursday, October 21, the second quarterly meeting of SCO France highlighted the role of satellites in understanding these links and anticipating future epidemics or stopping their spread. A retrospective.

  • SCO at COP26

    Rarely in history has a summit meeting been so eagerly awaited by the citizens of the world. From October 31 to November 12, 2021, most countries will meet in Glasgow (Scotland) for the 26th United Nations Climate Conference or COP26. The SCO will be there.

  • FAQ Call for projects 2022

    Nature of the projects, constitution of the consortium, financing... All the questions and answers exchanged in information webinars on the call for projects 2022.

  • One-to-one with the ASI

    The Italian Space Agency ASI, a key player in European space, is a founding member of the SCO. Deeply convinced of the need for the SCO to meet climate commitments, it is involved in it with dynamism and lucidity. Meeting with Giovanni Rum, ASI's point of contact for the SCO and senior consultant on Earth Observation issues.

  • Littoscope : final delivery!

    Among the first projects labeled SCO, Littoscope has submitted its final copy, a demonstrator for estimating the hazards and risks of marine submersion.

  • Satellites, amazing allies of biodiversity

    The link between satellites and biodiversity is not necessarily obvious. But if we say Argos? Then you'd think of the beacons that track animals... by satellite! At the World Conservation Congress 2021, SCO projects enrich the glossary: habitat mapping, monitoring of deforestation, migrations, invasive species... No doubt that satellites are among our best allies to know and preserve biodiversity

  • FloodDAM: on the way to the 2nd stage

    6 months after its start, the FloodDam project shows more than encouraging results. The calculations developed on the Garonne are working well and are now deployed on the Seine. Discover the first results.

  • FLAude: the FORO tool in the hands of professionals!

    On Wednesday, September 1, 2021, the FLAude team presented its FORO platform at the Aude Prefecture. In a context of climate change, this rich and interactive tool is highly anticipated by the actors of the territory.

  • Call for projects 2022

    On Wednesday 1 September, SCO France launched its 3rd call for projects. New feature: the consultation is open to Europe.