First certified projects for SCO France

Published on 16/06/2020
With SCO International now established, its local branches are structuring themselves around pilot projects. The objective: to demonstrate to local authorities the effectiveness of SCO projects for implementing adaptive policies.

On 20 March 2020, SCO France certified 15 projects from various regions, mostly the fruit of research, as well as one "cross-disciplinary" project based on providing training and raising awareness about adaptation issues. These projects have been made operational so that they can serve as tools for management and decision-making, with each project providing a solution for adapting to the multiple effects of climate change, such as coastal retreat, rising temperatures in urban areas, the spread of epidemics, etc. All these projects combine not only spatial data and field observations but also environmental and socio-economic data, etc.

Among the selected projects is FLAUDE, a post-flooding observatory set up in the Aude department to tackle the episodes of Mediterranean weather that are now frequent in this department. As well as detecting blockages in rivers and monitoring damage to vineyards and soil loss, this advanced tool helps to identify areas (agricultural, urban and suburban) where changes need to be made to land use to make the area less vulnerable to future extreme wet weather events. The THERMOCITY project aims to continuously map surface temperatures in cities, including maps detailing heat islands and heat loss in urban areas in winter. About 8500 km away in Madagascar, the MANGROVE project offers a platform for monitoring and managing mangroves, forests that stand between land and sea, and which are becoming more and more scarce despite acting as a natural buffer against global warming.

In line with the commitments made through SCO International, SCO France does not limit its scope to its national boundaries, and also aims to strengthen cooperation and come up with new innovations with foreign research organisations, such as the projects selected for Vietnam (the impact of typhoons) and Senegal (vulnerability to coastal flooding).

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