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Get involved in the 2022 edition of the UN/Austria Symposium

Published on 09/05/2022
From 13 to 15 September 2022, UNOOSA will organise a virtual symposium entitled “Space for climate action”. SCO and its community already support many projects illustrating the use of satellite-derived data for climate adaptation: you can now register and submit presentations before 30th June 2022!

Like every year since 1994, the UN/Austria Symposium is an opportunity to open the discussion between a wide range of stakeholders – from academia to private entities – on a variety of themes, from the use of space for sustainable development to international collaboration.

After a 2021 edition focused on space applications for food security, this year will be devoted to “experiences and best practices in mitigating and adapting to climate change and supporting sustainability on Earth”. In other words, the event will showcaseconcrete initiatives that manage to leverage space-derived knowledge, methodologies and technologies to actively contribute to mitigation and adaptation to climate change. It will also be an opportunity to demonstrate how the space sector is being adapted to reduce its own impact on the climate crisis.

Contribute to the 2022 edition

The programme, centred around keynote presentations, roundtables, specific presentations and short pitches, is currently being developed. A call for abstracts has been opened, on three different topics:

  • Case studies, ideally at the country-level, on using space data for adaptation to the climate crisis;
  • Specific recent innovative use of space applications to mitigate the impact of contributors to the climate crisis, in the areas of transport, energy production, or food production;
  • Changes in space engineering practices to reduce the contribution of space activities to the climate crisis.

You can: