SCO Morocco Webinar

Published on 18/11/2021
On November 30, 2021, the Royal Center for Space Remote Sensing, in partnership with CNES, is organizing a webinar on the SCO Space Climate Observatory.

The Space Climate Observatory is a global initiative that aims to study, monitor and adapt to the impacts of climate change at the local scale, using Earth observation tools combined with field data and models. The SCO offers an international cooperation framework for the realization of projects in different themes related to climate change, involving territorial actors, scientists, companies and space experts.

This webinar follows Morocco's official membership in the SCO in July 2021, and will provide an opportunity to:

  1. To inform national actors about the objectives and opportunities offered by the SCO initiative,
  2. To present the national and international dimension of its organization,
  3. Explain the process of setting up and carrying out projects;
  4. To present projects in progress in Morocco and in other countries.

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This webinar will be held in French, the link will be provided after registration.

The program (1h30)

  • Welcome by Driss El Hadani, Director of the CRTS
  • Presentation of the SCO, the stakes and the labeling process - Frédéric Bretar (CNES)
  • Case study 1: Flood risks, FLAude project - Hélène de Boissezon (CNES)
  • Case Study 2: Water Resources, Stock Water Project - Santiago Pena Luque (CNES)
  • Case Study 3: Agriculture, IRRISAT-Morocco Project - Mr. Faouzi Smiej (CRTS)
  • Case Study 4: Agriculture, SCOlive Project - Antoine Mangin, (ACRI-ST)
  • Questions/Answers
  • Synthesis and Conclusion