SCO in the United Kingdom

At the forefront of countries promoting international action against climate change, the United Kingdom is one of the first signatories of the SCO Charter.

Expertise in climate science research and satellite technology is directed by the UK Government’s National Space Strategy and investment, and is steered by the UK Space Agency.

1 Space4Climate

Space4Climate is the appointed focal point for the Space Climate Observatory in the UK and manages UK calls for projects. It is a not-for-profit membership organisation for the UK Earth Observation for climate action community, bringing together climate research, academia, industry and policy. Space4Climate supports and promotes trustworthy climate data and climate services to underpin space-enabled products for climate action and climate decisions.

2 UK and Earth Observation

The UK has a strong record of participation in international collaborative Earth Observation satellite missions and programmes, including SWOT and the upcoming TRUTHS, MicroCarb and Biomass satellites. The UK funds globally recognised research organisations such as the Met Office and the National Centre for Earth Observation and invests in climate research and space infrastructure through the National Space Strategy. The UK Government works closely with the space sector to deliver a wide range of programmes that encourage and nurture innovation for climate satellite missions, data gathering and applications to measure, monitor and address climate change around the world. As a valued member of the European Space Agency, the UK plays a leading role in climate missions and is a member of the Copernicus Climate Change Service programme.

UK pioneers have led the way in building a global community that holds the key to protecting our environment throughout the surprisingly long history of the science of Earth Observation. Read more: History of Earth Observation in the UK.


3 UK SCO initiatives

On behalf of the UK Space Agency, Space4Climate issues and processes national opportunities for climate projects and services to apply to join SCO. We also publicise international SCO calls to the UK space and climate services sectors.

Follow Space4Climate's LinkedIn page for notifications of when the next application window for UK projects is open. For further enquiries, please contact us using the form below


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