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SCO Valuation Guide

Published on 25/10/2021
More than just a nice word, at the SCO, valorization embodies an inescapable approach, to which all the holders of the label are committed. But what exactly does it involve? To get you started, the SCO France has put together its Valuation Guide. Discover it.

Value: The verb of action of giving value or increasing the value of something. At the SCO, this means making sure that what is produced through the projects benefits everyone on the planet.

The non-exhaustive Valuation Guide, which can be downloaded below (in French), is intended to help project leaders in the pooling exercise they are required to undertake. To define how to enhance your project already labeled or to consolidate your application for the label (the call for projects 2022 is open until November 15!), it is a real mine of information.

Here we provide you with a simple overview of the types of projects and the main methods of valorization. More detailed, the Guide gives you the tracks to define what to valorize, for whom, for what purpose and how.

Types of projects

Three categories of projects can be distinguished according to the project's challenge and the composition of the consortium:

  1. Development: integrating a private actor, these projects establish a marketable service
  2. Acceleration: demonstration projects resulting from a science/company partnership with technical transfer
  3. Frontier: these projects, working in open source, develop pre-operational projects designed on a global scale.

The modes of valorization

Taking into account the different typologies of projects, two main modes of valuation can be described:

  • Capacity building => making available information, data, algorithms or other products resulting from the projects that allow the development of new solutions and uses.
  • Scientific valorization => to make the results, knowledge and skills of the research usable and to lead more quickly to operational demonstrations.