A trip to the SCO

Published on 19/12/2023
With the end of the year just around the corner, we'd like to share with you the experience of a student on placement at CNES and the SCO in particular. That's right, here's an internship report which, like a magic carpet, takes you on a trip around the planet. All aboard!

One morning in November, we received an email with the subject line "My trip to the SCO". It was the internship report of Auriane Giorgalla, whom we hosted at CNES and the SCO for six months. As a master's student in European Studies at the University of Brussels (Université Libre de Bruxelles), we asked her to analyze the impact of the SCO project portfolio, and then to give us the fruits of her labors in a report. So, we clicked on the attachment.

Hair in the wind on planet SCO

The fight against climate change and space technologies are not light subjects, yet after just a few pages of background, Auriane takes us on a magic carpet ride! After a flight over the tropical forests, she takes us to Brazil and France, then on to New Caledonia, observing dams around the world before navigating the rivers of French Guiana. Then it's off again to Polynesia, with a stopover in the French Southern Territories. Do you think she'd stop there? No, it's on to Haiti, then the Bengal Delta, followed by a short stopover in Thailand before returning to France.

All these virtual ports of call are places where projects supported by the SCO France have already delivered operational tools to help regions adapt to the impacts of climate change. With simplicity but effectiveness, a perilous exercise, the young woman explains in an intelligible way what the SCO is, what happens there, how and in what spirit we work.

Thank you, Auriane: we received your report as a gift of humanity, proof that our SCO community is expending an enormous amount of energy with good reason.

Whether you are a local player wondering whether the SCO's solutions could help you, a public or private entity that would like to join the SCO, a partner that wants to ensure that its funds are put to good use (or that is considering supporting the projects financially), a scientist who would like to bring his model to an operational state, a student or young worker looking for a way to get involved professionally and as a citizen... It's your turn to click on the attachment 👇

I'm going on a trip to the SCO

Doing an internship at the SCO

At the SCO, we're banking on the mobilization of all skills, including the younger generation, who have a say in this changing world in which they will spend most of their lives.

Every year, SCO France entrusts an internship to a student who wants to get involved in the fight against climate change, spatial data, international issues, or all of these at the same time!

If you too would like to take part in the SCO adventure as an intern, keep an eye on our LinkedIn account, especially in October.