"Water and coastal quality", soon the 13th SCO France Quarterly Meeting

Published on 30/05/2024
While the availability of water is a challenge for the future, so is its quality. On Thursday 20 June 2024, tune in to the thirteenth "SCO France Quarterly Meeting" to discover three SCOlutions that use satellite data to automate the monitoring of different water surfaces.

The facts are clear: whether marine or freshwater, water quality is deteriorating all over the world, with serious consequences for people and the environment. When it comes to vital issues such as food security and health, satellites can provide powerful tools to inform and support sustainable management of water and coastal ecosystems.

On Thursday 20 June 2024 from 10.30 am to 12 noon, take part in the thirteenth SCO France Quarterly Meeting (in French) and discover three SCOlutions that use space data to monitor the qualitative state of continental and coastal surface waters.
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The day's programme

  • LITTOSAT: The aim of this project is to provide managers of coastal areas and marine protected areas with a dashboard for monitoring the spatial evolution of coastal vegetation with little delay, using new data from satellite images.
    💡 With 2 demonstrators online, the project will offer new satellite products, a visualization interface and change detection functions.

  • XtremQuality: The project involves monitoring the water quality of small reservoirs using remote sensing. The aim is to improve our knowledge and raise awareness of the impact of climate change on these water reservoirs, which are essential for a number of uses, by setting up indicators on the trajectory of these surfaces by aggregating multi-source data.
    💡First trial in south-west France

  • AIonWetlands: In the Mediterranean, wetlands are the richest ecosystems, but also the most threatened by human activities. Combining Earth observation data with AI-based analysis approaches, the project aims to improve the monitoring of these environments, in order to improve their management and better prioritize conservation and restoration actions.
    💡Training the algorithm in progress, final straight!

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Launched in June 2021, the SCO France Quarterly Meetings are a regular meeting to bring the community together and enable each project to showcase its progress, inspire others and create synergies.

🎥You can watch videos of previous quarterly events here.