SCO Portfolio: the 2024 edition is here!

Published on 19/02/2024
To all SCO projects and team spirit aficionados, the new SCO Portfolio is now available. It compiles all the projects accredited from 2020 to 2023 and has a new section: services that are operational and available! Download or order.

"By turns memory aid, breviary, dictionary, instruction manual, directory and bedside book, this Portfolio is an invitation to discover the many applications of Earth observation data in the fight against climate change. It is a shining example of what makes the SCO so special: the successful alchemy between public research and development institutions, players in a fast-growing private ecosystem and user-decision-makers in charge of regional management". Laurence Monnoyer-Smith and Frédéric Bretar, Heads of SCO France at CNES

Testifying to the evolution of the SCO and a mini window of its website, the SCO Portfolio is enriched each year with the latest edition of acrredited projects, in this case that of 2023, and updates the directory of project teams. It also provides an up-to-date overview of the activities and influence of this absolutely unique observatory.


👉 "Operational tools and services", a section that brings together all the demonstrators and services delivered by the projects.

👉 A digital more interactive version for easy navigation in the document and on the website:

  • In the table of contents and the index, click on the page number you wish to reach;
  • On the project pages, click on the QRCode or on the name of the project to open its presentation page on the SCO site. Page references are also active;
  • Clicking on the "Project completed" zones will automatically take you to the directory if you wish to contact the project team;
  • All URLs are clickable.

Carnet de SCO Couverture EN


👉 Download the SCO Portfolio in English


👉 Request a paper version (in French)