SCOLive: the app is on the stores

Published on 09/12/2022
Citizen project at the heart of heritage, economic and climatic issues in the Grasse region, SCOLive creates a climate observatory through the observation of olive trees. Discover the interview of the project leader and, if you have olive trees in your area, download the app!

50 years ago, the olive harvest took place from January to March. In 2022, the presses had to open in November... But what interactions between climate change and crops are at work? This is the purpose of the SCOLive project, which calls on the actors of the sector, citizens and satellites to map the crops and their state of health, and deduce indicators of the evolution of climate change. The app is freely available on the stores and on the project website.

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On Monday November 14, Antoine Troullier, an engineer at ACRI-ST, a company specialized in satellite Earth observation and the initiator of the SCOLive project, spoke to BFMTV Côte d'Azur. He clearly explains how SCOLive uses the olive tree as a marker of climate change while helping to protect crops and, unexpectedly at the start of the project, to help revive the whole sector. The data already collected shows that the historical olive groves in the Grasse region have been abandoned, while 95% of olive oil in France is imported...

See the SCOLive interview on BFMTV (in French)