EducSCO: the videos are online!

Published on 15/11/2021
Teachers of all levels, the EducSCO project is made for you because you are in the front line to explain to our children the climate change and the world which, tomorrow, will be theirs. It is equally important that you can show them that there are solutions, which they can be the authors and/or actors.

As a preamble, let us recall the objective of the EducSCO project: to provide teachers with the information and tools they need to raise awareness among their students and to stimulate their reflection in order to find adaptive solutions in which they will be the direct actors tomorrow.

Training "Satellites for climate change knowledge"

In May 2021, we reported on the first EducSCO training session with twenty teachers from the Toulouse Academy, which was a unanimous success. Today, the project is putting online all the interventions, videos rich in information that are as many keys for the educational community. The subject is vast, the training covered two half days, so we invite you to

1 : discover EducSCO training,

2 : watch all or part of the training replays (in French).


The second training session will be held in the spring of 2022. To make sure you don't miss the registration period, subscribe to our newsletter!

PS: If you are not a teacher but you know some, please forward this article to them, it is important.

List of modules

Here you can access the replay of each module on YouTube (in French).

Day 1 - Understanding climate change and its impacts

By Catherine Freydier, Météo-France

Module 1.1: Meteorology and climate

Module 1.2: The Greenhouse Effect

Module 1.3: 800,000 years of climate history

Module 1.4: Modern times

Module 1.5: The problem of attribution of climate change

Module 1.6: Climate projections

Day 2 - Understanding and using spatial data

By Clémence Pierangelo, CNES

Module 2.1: Essential Climate Variables and SCO

Module 2.2: Orbitography, satellite classes and space applications

Module 2.3: Satellites to understand the causes of climate change

Module 2.4: Satellites to understand the consequences of climate change

Module 2.5: Satellites to respond to climate change