EDUCSCO is a cross-cutting initiative supported by the SCO’s inter-agency committee. Its purpose is to disseminate knowledge in order to accelerate awareness of climate change issues in our society. It takes the form of presentations, training and teaching materials. It is aimed at school children, students and – above all – the educational community.


EDUCSCO is an SCO project with a difference. Whereas the purpose of conventional SCO projects is to address issues relating to the impact of climate change and suggest solutions based on satellite data, EDUCSO is positioned further upstream with the aim of targeting the public directly.

The purpose of this project is to disseminate knowledge in order to accelerate awareness of climate change issues in our society.


The subjects below make up the main focus of the project:

  • Mechanisms of climate change: the greenhouse effect and essential climate variables, most of which are accessible only by satellite.
  • Measuring the causes of change through atmospheric sampling from space: greenhouse gases.
  • Measuring the consequences on a large scale from space: rising ocean levels, higher temperatures, the cryosphere and melting ice caps, drought, extreme climate events, etc.
  • The role of the SCO in risk management and regional adaptation to climate change: practical cases of use based on SCO projects!

The first step involves setting up a dedicated training programme to raise awareness across the educational community on the cause of climate change and the key role played by space applications in understanding, measuring and – ultimately – confronting it.  The Toulouse regional education authority will pilot the programme during the 2020/2021 school year, with training organised for secondary school teachers. Training will be deployed on a larger scale over the following years.


Testing Ground

  • Toulouse regional education authority, France


  • Training
  • Presentations
  • Teaching materials
  • Informed citizens with a real awareness of climate change issues!

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  • All families of earth observation satellites will be used as part of this project, covering the following areas: Optical and radar imagery, Atmospheric sampling, Oceanography, Meteorology


  • Land use plan, land register, graphic parcel register
  • Socio-economic data


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