3 educational videos to explain to young people the impact of climate change and SCOlutions

Published on 11/09/2023
Explaining the impact of climate change to young people is no easy task. Through the tools it has developed and the EducSCO educational project, the SCO helps teachers to tackle the subject with solutions. It is now publishing three short videos in which SCO project leaders answer questions from pupils from various schools in Occitania region (South of France).

When they have to explain climate change and its consequences in class, teachers often get the feeling that they are heading straight for disaster. At the SCO, our message is resolutely optimistic: the situation is grim, but there are ways of adapting.

In three short videos (in French) produced by the CNES education and youth department with the support of the SCO, specialists answer questions from pupils of different ages about the solutions implemented by SCO projects using satellite imagery:

  • Thermocity, adapting cities to climate change
  • FLAude, greater resilience to flooding
  • ADOPT, helping ecosystems to adapt

👉 See the videos

🌡 An application on temperatures, 📂 educational packs, 🎥 replays of training sessions, etc. EducSCO helps teachers to raise young people's awareness of the impacts of climate change and to stimulate their thinking on the basis of solutions proposed by the SCO using satellite data. The project now offers teachers a wide range of resources available online - check them out!