EducSCO: 1st set of resources for the classroom

Published on 18/01/2022
Ever closer to the teachers, the EducSCO project and its partners CNES and ESERO France are putting online the French version of six educational dossiers from ESA's Climate Change Initiative. Explanations.

In November 2021, we announced the release of the videos of the first EducSCO training session, a unique project that gives teachers the keys to talk to their students about climate change and the role of space activities in understanding this phenomenon.

Today, thanks to the contribution of the EducSCO project, in collaboration with CNES and ESERO France, a first series of 6 educational resources developed in the framework of the ESA Climate Change Initiative have been translated into French and put online on the ESERO France website.

Comprising a teacher's guide and student worksheets, each resource provides climate stories, hands-on experiments and integrates ESA's Climate from Space web application. This allows students to explore over 40 years of global satellite data used to understand the keys to the Earth's climate and provide early warnings of change.

Resources available for primary education

  • The water cycle - The effect of global warming on floods and droughts
  • Is ozone good or bad? - The role of human pollution in the deterioration of the ozone layer
  • Countries at risk - The role of global warming in sea level rise and flooding of coastal cities and small islands

Resources available for secondary education

The initial English language resources are available on the ESA Climate Office website.