The French branch of SCO International

Published on 16/06/2020
In accordance with the roadmap agreed upon at its first steering committee meeting, for the new space climate observatory to become a reality, national branches need to be established for each of its signatories. A way for everyone to bring together their best and brightest working on the impacts of climate change.

Established with the ambition of creating a common direction through associated means shared with the State, SCO France is made up of an Inter-Organisational Committee (CIO) and brings together 18 public agencies and bodies involved in climate change issues: ADEME, BRGM, CEA, CEREMA, CNES, CNRS, CSTB, IDDRI, IFREMER, IGN, INERIS, INRAE, IRD, Météo-France, OFB, ONERA, SHOM, the French Ministry for Ecological and Inclusive Transition, and the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

Held on 21 November 2019, the first session of SCO France’s CIO confirmed its mission of being a forum for exchanges, bringing together research and expertise through new collaboration between those involved in space and players working at the heart of climate and environmental issues. With the aim of creating targeted and adapted tools as soon as possible, this expertise will also be used to build the capacities of ODA (official development assistance) recipient countries.

This last point is particularly useful for participating members who, for the most part, are already carrying out projects in collaboration with foreign research organisations in crucial areas such as agriculture, flood risks and coastal flooding.