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  • When SCO's health projects become references

    Proof that an operational link can be created between satellites and health, the ClimHealth project has seen its LeptoYangon demonstrator selected as a case study by the WMO for its modelling of environmental conditions conducive to the emergence of leptospirosis. Earlier in the year, the Arbocarto application was referenced by the French public authorities to prevent arbovirosis.

  • Facing cyclones with Cimopolée

    Have you ever experienced a cyclone? When it knocks on your door, you feel the anguish and, after several hours of raging outbursts, the vision is apocalyptic. For some, life is the only thing they haven't lost. For all of them, the onerous task of rebuilding begins, no matter what, in the knowledge that it could happen again. Resilience to cyclones requires better forecasting of likely impacts, and this is what the Cimopolée project is working on.

  • Eagle Hedges, a spatial zoom on the hedgerow network

    Launched in December 2021, the SCO Eagle Hedges project is developing a hedgerow detection and qualification service to support the implementation of national policies in favor of the agro-ecological transition. Today, it is showing us the results of an evaluation of different sources of Earth observation data for hedgerow detection.

  • "Innovative services for resilient farming practices", soon to be the 11th Quarterly Meeting of the SCO France

    Both a source and a sink of carbon, agriculture has no choice but to adapt to the impacts of climate change. On Friday 15 December 2023, tune in to the eleventh "SCO France Quarterly Meeting" to discover three SCOlutions using satellite data to help transform farming practices.

  • The SCO at GEO Week 2023

    From 6 to 10 November 2023, in Cape Town (South Africa), the SCO took an active part in GEO Week, a global event dedicated to collaboration for a better understanding of our planet through Earth Observation. Here's a look back at the week's highlights.

  • OSS St Louis: an interface to visualize coastal vulnerability

    It was a tough challenge, but OSS Saint Louis rose to it. In 24 months' work, the project team achieved all its objectives and delivered a mapping platform developed for Saint Louis in Senegal that can be reproduced on other coastlines. Discover it for yourself!

  • Aléofeu presented to the French fire brigade

    Given the extent of forest fires as a result of climate change, satellite imagery is proving to be an excellent tool for fighting and preventing them, as demonstrated by the SCO Aléofeu project at the 129th National Fire Brigade Congress.

  • Water: between stress and risk

    An essential ingredient for life on Earth, freshwater resources are becoming increasingly scarce as a result of climate and human pressures. Using optical, radar or altimetric sensors, satellites can power monitoring, forecasting and warning systems to optimise water management and reduce the risk of flooding. Demonstrations at the tenth "SCO France Quaterly Meeting".

  • The SCO holds its 12th Steering Committee meeting at IAC 2023

    Taking advantage of the major events on the international agenda, the SCO held its 12th Steering Committee meeting on the sidelines of IAC 2023 in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. Following in the footsteps of the previous committee meeting held in May during GLOC 2023, the participating members voted in favor of important decisions designed to promote the growth of the Observatory and its activities.

  • ORION delivers new tools for mountain environments

    Faithful to its field of study "life in the mountains", CREA, the Centre de Recherche sur les Écosystèmes d'Altitude, has developed innovative indicators with ORION, capable of making the link between nature, human practices and climate change.