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  • Space4IRRIG, significant progress

    While the particularly hot and dry summer of 2022 has left its mark on people's minds, France experience a worrying winter drought in 2023. The pressure on water resources is increasing, with field crops in the front line. In this context, Space4IRRIG is developing at high speed to better manage reserves and irrigation.

  • SCO at the One Forest Summit

    Announced at COP27 last December, the One Forest Summit was held in Libreville (Gabon) on 1er and 2 March 2023. Specifically committed to the preservation of forests, the SCO sent a representative of the TropiSCO project to the event.

  • StockWater is available for water volumes and filling rates of dams

    Fresh water is becoming a crucial resource, of which we need to know the stocks. An important part of it is in dams, but how much of it is there exactly? The StockWater project has implemented an efficient satellite-based solution and opens the source code of some components. Discover it.

  • One-to-one with ONERA

    As a member of SCO France, ONERA is a key player in aerospace research and has developed a strong expertise in measurement physics, particularly applied to anthropogenic activity. Through the voice of Xavier Briottet, Head of the Optical Remote Sensing Mission, ONERA is reaching out to all public and private players who would need its knowledge.

  • 8th SCO France meeting

    For its first committee of 2023, the SCO France met on 26 January 2023 in Montpellier, hosted at the House of Remote Sensing in a research-oriented atmosphere. Between assessment and perspectives, the exchanges spontaneously focused on the valorization of projects. The afternoon took on a very operational character in the premises of Predict Services, a company specializing in the prevention and management of meteorological risks, and a SCO projects leader.

  • BandSOS launches the prototype of its coastal flood prediction platform

    The Bengal delta is the largest in the world. Very densely populated and at very low altitude, no less than 3 million people live there with the risk of tidal flooding, which increases tenfold in the event of a cyclone. Delivered at the end of 2022, the preliminary platform is already producing routine forecasts, even though the project is only a third of the way through its development!

  • The 2022 outcome opens up good prospects for 2023

    Between the founding Charter, the delivery of operational tools and demonstrators, 2022 is confirmed as a shift year for the SCO. There is no doubt that 2023 will follow in this footsteps, to accelerate solutions for mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate change for the benefit of all.

  • In Varaire, we don't talk about the Global Goals, we live them

    Only 8 cities have been selected. After New York, London, Bristol, Bogota, Freetown, Sydney and Cannes, here is Varaire, a small rural village in Lot (France), which closes an international exhibition on the SDGs! Who would have thought it? The UN. And, a fortiori, the SCO. To start the year gently, here is not a Christmas tale, but a beautiful real story.