MEO-Climate Gers

MEO-Climate is a mapping platform that creates added value by delivering local information that is frequently refreshed and validated. It is used for the close monitoring of spatial or temporal changes and for local supervision of initiatives, particularly with respect to farming practices, the installation of renewable energy facilities and the management of water resources.


The aim of the MEO-Climate service is to provide local authorities – and other local or national stakeholders – with a range of information and indicators to support the implementation of the PCAET (local climate-air-energy plans).
MEO-Climate is intended to generate and deliver a range of mapping indicators with coherent informational content.
The first version of MEO-Climate takes the form of three indicators, presented for a given – theoretically rural – region:

  • Water Reserve: mapping and monitoring of water reserves
  • Green Energy: mapping of existing solar panels and optimised installation of new facilities
  • Agri Practice: monitoring of agricultural practices and their characteristics (maintenance and nature of plant cover, hedges, grass strips for green corridors, etc.)

Testing Ground

  • SCOT (plan for coherent territorial development) in Gascony, South-West France



  • Copernicus – Sentinel 1 & 2 and/or SPOT 6-7 and/or Pleiades


  • Open data: land register, urban planning documents, OpenStreetMap
  • Other data belonging to EPCIs (public entities for cooperation between municipalities)


MEO-Climate and its information are openly accessible through a web-based HMI developed by MEOSS. The information in MEO-Climate can also be directly integrated in an existing information system, for example, by local authorities.

The information in MEO-Climate is presented in the form of dynamic indicators whose informational content – which may be sensitive – must be approved by local elected representatives and administrative departments prior to publication.


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