SCO France Quarterly meetings

The meeting place for projects

Inaugurated in June 2021, the SCO France Quarterly Meetings are a dynamic and regular meeting to increase synergy between projects. During these virtual and thematic meetings, the project teams share their progress and feedback to benefit the SCO community. Each presentation is recorded and put online, choose your theme!


#13 - Water and coastal quality

With the LITTOSAT, XtremQuality and AIonWetlands projects


#12 - Coping with natural disasters

With the ALEOFEU, CIMOPOLEE and GeoHaTACC projects

Saint Émilion wine region by Pleiades  

#11 - Innovative services for resilient farming practices

With the SCOFrichesAgricoles, QUANTICA and IRRISAT-Morocco projects


#10 - Water: between stress and risk

With the OpHySE, FloodDAM-DT and BOSCO projects + a presentation of the portal


#9 - The SCO serving agricultural practices

With the CHOVE-CHUVA, EO4MoutainPastoralism, Space4IRRIG and SCOlive projects

Floods in Haiti  

#8 - SCOlutions to hydrometeorological risks

With the BanD-SOS, Viet-ARRO and Gade Lapli projects + an introduction to the use of satellite data in the different phases of risk management

BoraBora Trim7  

#7 - SCO in the Pacific & Indian Oceans

With the TAHATAI, EO4Drought Monitoring and Mangroves projects

Trim6 Orion  

#6 - Monitoring the evolution of natural areas by remote sensing

With the Cartovege, ADOPT and ORION projects

Temple de Bretagne Pléiades   

#5 – 30 June 2022: Pleiades data in SCO projects

With the Littoscope, GreenUrbanSat and Eagle Hedges projects + a presentation of the DINAMIS portal

Barrage Tehri   

#4 - 7 April 2022: Water management and territorial vulnerability

With the StockWater, OSS Saint Louis and ECLAT projects

Europe Sentinel   

#3 - 20 January 2022: European data at the heart of SCO projects

With the FLAude, TropiSCO and MEO-Climate projects + a presentation of the Copernicus C3S programme

Tele épidémiologie   

#2 - 21 October 2021: Remote epidemiological monitoring

With the Arbocarto-V2 and ClimHealth projects

Djibouti optique/radar   

#1 - 1 June 2021 : Satellite data in SCO projects

With the FloodDAM, Vimesco-Rice, Thermocity and SatLCZ projects