Below are the tools developed and delivered by the SCO projects.

SCOLive observatoire

An olive tree observatory, a bioindicator of climate change

SCOLive has set up an observatory to better understand the conditions under which olive tree diseases appear and to anticipate treatments. In doing so, it uses changes in the condition of trees as a marker of climate change.

As a community project, it relies on a mobile application that provides geolocated, time-stamped information. The whole system has great potential for geographical expansion.

🟢 Free access

SCOLive observatoire
Climhealth platform

Climate and environmental monitoring for early health warnings 

As many diseases are strongly linked to their environment, monitoring environmental and climatic dynamics can help predict their dynamics in space and time.

ClimHealth, an online early warning system, is a generic interface that can be adapted to any location, making it possible to visualize possible links between temporal and spatial epidemiological dynamics and those of rainfall, temperature or environmental indicators (such as water, vegetation or humidity indicators).

🟢 Free access. The codes for the application and the Sen2Chain processing chain are open source.

Developed for a single disease, leptospirosis in Yangon (Myanmar), the first demonstrator LeptoYangon can also be viewed online.

Climhealth platform
Carto Arbocarto-V2

Predictive mapping of Aedes mosquito population densities

Aimed at Regional Health Agencies (ARS) and mosquito control operators, the Arbocarto-V2 application generates predictive maps of the abundance of Aedes albopictus or aegypti mosquitoes in a given area, depending on the user's choice, and can be used to simulate different prevention or control scenarios.

The tool is accompanied by a user manual and a methodological guide for creating or updating environmental data from satellite images.

🟢 Arbocarto is free software in .exe format, and can be requested from the Ministry of Health, which owns the tool, using the form available here. 

Carto Arbocarto-V2