Below are the tools developed and delivered by the SCO projects.

Littoscope interface

Estimating coastal flooding

Created by CLS to help coastal areas reduce their vulnerability to rising sea levels, the interactive LITTOSCOPE interface allows users to visualise several scenarios of rising sea levels, with or without a ten-year storm.

The tool also offers an assessment of the impacts (human, economic, heritage, environmental) generated.

🔵 A commercial service, access to Littoscope requires an account and password.

Littoscope interface
SCO St Louis
SCO St Louis Interface

Assessing the vulnerability of coastal populations and economic activities

Developed for the city of St Louis in Senegal and replicable for other coastal areas, the SCO St Louis interface combines all types of data to estimate the socio-economic vulnerability of coastal cities to the effects of climate change and raise awareness among local players.

The mapping platform can be used to select and combine several layers of information, including historical floods, land use and essential infrastructure, as well as simulations of marine and river flooding according to different IPCC scenarios.

🟢 Free access

SCO St Louis Interface