Below are the tools developed and delivered by the SCO projects.

Interface Izifriche

Identify and visualize agricultural wasteland

The Izifriche solution is a comprehensive support service for the identification and visualization of agricultural wasteland, aimed at local players wishing to act for the resilience of their territory.

Developed as part of the SCO FrichesAgricoles project, the method for automated identification of wasteland is based on the use of geographical and satellite data analyzed by the WaSaBI ©CNES software's Artificial Intelligence, at the scale of the entire Occitanie region (France). The parcel data from the regional inventory of wasteland is used in a web interface equipped with numerous geographic databases, providing a global vision of the issues at stake at different territorial scales (commune, inter-commune, département).

🔵 Service marketed by Safer Occitanie from June 2024.

Interface Izifriche